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Ramveer & Co. Pvt.Ltd., a young and contemporary real estate company, functions with the aim of creating industry milestones, in the times to come. This 17-year-old company was set up by Mr. Ramveer Sharma. His endeavours have paid off great dividends in the form of immense growth and success to the company and its people. Mr. Ramveer Sharma, MD, Ramveer & Co., ventured into the real estate industry after understanding that the requirement of property is the basic need of a family. The Ramveer & Co. has now become one of the most popular names in the real estate industry. The unparalleled quality and unmatched style of our constructions have given a new dimension. This young and vibrant company has many projects under its aegis.All the projects was successfully completed by this company within given time frame.


The Ramveer & Co. is committed to build up its business, keeping in view, the overall betterment of the society. Furthermore, its existing projects clearly speak of class, style and comfort. Thus, the journey of Ramveer & Co. is largely about making a difference, without compromising on quality.

WHY Ramveer & Co.

Ramveer & Co. is a very quality conscious organization. It strongly believes that quality is not the responsibility of a particular department or a person but of an organization as a whole. At Ramveer & Co. quality of the project is not compromised at any cost or at any level whether it is in regard to man, material, machine or method. Ramveer & Co. makes sure that you get the best the world has to offer.

Latest Technologies

Ramveer & Co. has a team of highly experienced engineers, renowned architects, and qualified management professionals. The group has 17 years of experience and believes in superior quality services. The company is delivering matchless infrastructure facilities at reasonable prices. It looks forward to the smiles and satisfaction of customers.



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